Best Cameras Suited for Astrophotography

Best Cameras Suited for Astrophotography

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Astrophotography is the field of photography chosen by a few photographers who are deeply passionate about astronomy. If you’re interested in astronomy and want to learn astrophotography then before purchasing any camera randomly, you need to study a little on that. Not all the cameras are built with the features required for shooting the night sky. For that, you have to select a shutter powered with the features supporting the astrophotography. Before trusting any company or salesman, you can have a thorough research on the different types of cameras used by the astrophotographers for capturing the mesmerizing pictures of the night sky, the stars and moon with all their expertise.

Being a beginner, you can attend any course offering introductory lessons on astrophotography. By attending such workshops, you can know the different terms of photography along with the use of the technology. Capturing the night sky or the surroundings is challenging. Photographers have to undergo various leaps and bounds to capture the mind-blowing snapshots of the night sky, particularly the horizontal views of the starry sky and the effects they incorporates on the landscapes matching the colors of the sky. Along with the original photos, they include some Photoshop tools in making the pictures look picture perfect.

So, let’s explore some significant cameras ideal for astrophotography—

Celestron Neximage 5 Solar System

The Celestron Neximage 5 Solar System is ideal for capturing the images of Moon, Planets, Sun, Stars and it is compatible with any telescope. Known for the CMOS sensor color technology, the device ensures high-resolution imaging of the celestial bodies whether in day or in the night. Usually, the night sky is ideal for capturing the pictures of the stars, moon etc. The Neximage 5 Solar is 5 megapixel camera which is lighter in weight, small in size and an affordable camera.

Canon EOS 60Da

Hobbyists and professional photographers often choose this newly introduced SLR camera by Canon, ideal for capturing the beauty of the sky. The camera is efficient in capturing images in both day and night time. But as you must agree, night time is the ideal time for capturing the amazing starry sky, the moon as well as the planets that you have located with your telescope. The modified infrared filter of this device is a plus factor. The low-noise and 18 megapixel CMOS sensor are the additional features of the camera.

Make sure the DSLR camera you choose should be great in getting angles as well.


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