Why fashion designers don’t dress well?

Why fashion designers don’t dress well?

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Have you ever noticed your favorite high-end fashion designers suited up all the time? Well, the answer is a big no. Quite often you will find these luxury fashion designers shabbily dressed. But, what makes them do so, as they have got all the means to wear the best of clothes and accessories. They themselves design beautiful designer clothes for women and men, then why don’t they carry those outfits? The question must have haunted you at some point of time, and we will raise it here again. Below we have mentioned few reasons regarding the same, so simply scroll down a bit and find it out for yourself.

  1. Fashion designers are different from others

Fashion designers are unique in their own ways, for instance what they wear might be fashionable or trendy but may seem so simple to us as we have a different outlook towards fashion altogether. Though, there are some designers who are always seen flaunting the latest trends and styles, but most of them are seem to have a different and unique dress sense.

  1. They are workaholics

The competition in the fashion industry has reached new heights altogether, which keeps designers busy all the time. They need to create designs for so many A list celebs, and in doing so they tend to neglect themselves. They prefer creating designs for their customers, and not for themselves, which is a wise choice for sure.

  1. Bored of fabrics

Designers spend their entire day pondering over fabrics, stitching, style etc, this leaves them exhausted. They get so tired of all this that all they want is to dress as simple as possible. They prefer giving priority to comfort more than anything else.

  1. To simplify life

Minimal fashion is quite in and trendy nowadays. There is a kind of rage among people to stay simple yet stylish. Designers thus prefer to have simple attire for their daily work routine so as to save some amount of time for their own personal life.

  1. Fashion designing and styling are two different things

Fashion designers are not stylists; designers are more into stitching, CAD, sketching, sewing etc and not really into the styling part. Quite often, they hire stylists in order to give their outfit a certain kind of a look. So, it would be unfair to expect a lot from fashion designers in the styling aspect.

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